Citylife Church COVIDSafe Policy (As of 23.10.2020)

Citylife Church will make every effort to comply with all up to date expert health department and government advice in regards to keeping our Church community COVIDSafe. We ask and encourage all our Church community to work together and follow these requirements. The following policy is written specifically for the use of our Citylife Building as it will be reopened for Sunday gatherings starting the 14th of June 2020.

General COVIDSafe Requirements for All Individuals
Maintain 1.5m physical distancing.
Practice hand hygiene regularly.
Practice respiratory hygiene.
Stay home when sick.
It is recommended that anyone over the age of 70, or anyone with existing health conditions/compromised immune systems stay at home.
Everyone is encouraged to download the Federal Government COVIDSafe app in the attempt to assist with contact tracing in the event of an infection.

Sunday Morning Gathering Response
In accordance with the current (23.10.20) NSW Government restrictions, a total of 300 people (including children) plus the people conducting the service are allowed to gather together in a place of worship so long as the building can accommodate this amount of people while still complying with the 4sqm per person requirement.
The auditorium area in our Citylife Building is approximately 160m² and the foyer area is approximately 60m². This allows a maximum of 55 people to gather while also complying with the 4m² per person distancing measures. 
Citylife Church will be rotating faith communities to use the building and host an online stream each Sunday morning. This allows for up to 55 people to attend our gatherings while also providing the online church experience for those not in attendance. 

Sunday Morning Gathering Practices
Surfaces in the building will be sanitised before and after each gathering.
A COVIDSafe supervisor will be allocated for each Sunday Morning Gathering.
We recommend that everyone attending a Sunday morning service to wear a face mask (face masks are available for those who didn’t bring their own but would still like to wear one).
All attendees are to record their attendance via our contactless QR code check-in system or sign-in sheet.
If picking someone up in a vehicle, please minimise close contact with passengers where possible.
Each person will be asked if they have experienced COVID or flu-like symptoms in the past two weeks. If yes, than they will be made aware that they are not able to attend, unless they have clearance from a doctor. 
Entry and exit points to the building will be separate.
Main doors at the front of the building will continue to be used for entry.
Side doors facing the carpark will be used as an exit.
Hand sanitiser will be available for use in different areas of the building.
No food or drinks will be provided (people can bring their own).
COVIDSafe supervisor will make people aware of general COVIDSafe requirements that are to be followed prior to live stream.
Signage will be located around the building encouraging COVIDSafe practices.
Families will be asked to sit together.
There will be no separate kids program provided. Kids will sit with their family during the gathering.
Parents of younger children can use the front Creche room if they need to.
Tissues and hand sanitiser will be provided outside the toilet room doors to keep the contact points of our amenities clean.
The kitchen will be closed, otherwise can only be accessed by one person at a time if necessary.
Online giving will continue to be encouraged. Any cash offerings can be deposited into our offering box mounted to the side of the entry wall. Counting of money will be carried out in a COVIDSafe manner (using either gloves or hand sanitiser before and after counting). 
Singing out loud will be discouraged and people will be asked to sing softly or hum and clap to the worship. The worship leaders can sing out loud but will be a minimum of 3m away from other people.
Microphone handling will be limited to one microphone for each person presenting to avoid sharing contact.
Seating in the auditorium has been laid out in clusters and single seats to allow for families and couples to sit together. Overall seating layout complies with 1.5m distancing.

Weddings & Funerals
Any future weddings and funerals will be conducted in accordance with the latest COVIDSafe NSW Government requirements.

Cleaning Protocols
Wear gloves when cleaning and discard after each use
Thoroughly clean surfaces using detergent and water
Use a disinfectant only after cleaning with the detergent and water
Leave disinfectant on the surface for at least 10 minutes before cleaning off or follow product instructions
If someone infected has been at your venue, follow the national protocols for cleaning

For more information see the Safe Work Australia website:

Outbreak or Incident Plan
If someone in our Church community has contracted COVID-19 and has been in contact with others the following procedure will be carried out.
Notify the COVIDSafe supervisor: Adrian
Adrian to contact State COVID-19 hotline and follow the advice of health officials: 1300 066 055
Identify who in the church community had close contact with the affected person. If instructed by public health officials, tell close contacts they may have been exposed and follow advice on quarantine requirements.
Clean and disinfect the areas where the person and their close contacts have been. Do not use those areas until this process is complete. Use PPE when cleaning.
Review practices relating to COVID-19 and review whether our current Sunday Gathering model may need to change.